How We Work

We work to the BACP's  Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and its' Professional Conduct Procedures.


We offer psychodynamic psychotherapy and also cognitive based therapy (CBT), both are talking therapy's and a way to explore your anxieties with someone who is impartial. 


Sometimes you may feel powerless to change patterns that have become part of everyday life. Together we may be able to identify how your own personal experience of life has shaped how you see things. We may then become aware of experiences from the past having an unhelpful impact in the present.


At The Town House we can help you to think differently about your current situation which may help you to take more control of your life. For some there may be a desire to understand more about themselves with a view to enhancing personal growth and well being.


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 The Town House Counselling | Salomons Estate | Broomhill Road | Tunbridge Wells   Kent TN3 0TG

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