Anxiety from the coronavirus

For some, anxiety and fear around the Coronavirus is taking hold which is not surprising considering it is dominating everything in our lives right now. If you are already dealing with something anxious in your life this may make you feel even worse.


Worry is a rational reaction to something we often can’t control, but when these fears start to rule our lives it's helpful to do something otherwise it can start impacting our thought processes.


You may feel panicky and worry more than normal. Some people might have difficulty concentrating, others will change their daily routines to avoid whatever it is they fear.


1.Challenge your thoughts

Try reducing your fear by challenging your way of thinking by balancing the challenging of your thought processes with having healthy caution. 

2.Step back from the news

We should keep ourselves informed about how to manage ourselves but try not to expose yourself to regular updates all day or to extended news items. Think about muting social media.

3.Practice self-care 

- Try some mindfulness like 'Headspace'

- Try some online yoga or exercise

- Connect with friends via face to face calls where you can 

- Download 'Whats Up' and go to 'Get Grounded' if you feel you're anxiety is rising

- Listen to Guys Meadows Founder of 'The Sleep School' and hear his tips on getting a good night's sleep during this difficult time 

- Log into 'RB Digital' for free magazines and ebooks
- Log into 'Libby' to access your local library for ebooks and books and borrow them instantly 

- Try 'Woebot' an AI therapist app which can check in with you through the day 

- Download some podcasts you have been meaning to 

- Draw 'a circle in a circle' - the outer one is your 'circle of concern' write the things you are worried about eg the world economy, the virus, health of a loved one etc. In the inner one your 'circle of control', write things you can control eg your handwashing, your self care, your enthusiam, how much you call your family, how much you listen to the news etc.


Try and think more about the things you have control of and focus on those as much as you can.


Website references :


Headspace - App Store

Anxiety UK (have a section on the Coronavirus)

Whats Up - App Store

Guys Meadows from

The Sleep School (use search function)

RB Digital

Libby - App Store


Stephen Covey's The Circle of Control 


For parents - talking to your children about the Coronavirus

For children - what to do if youre worried about the Coronavirus





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